5 Symptoms of a Failing Agile Transformation Programme

Fix us Quick.

The process of transforming an organisation to be Agile is a one that is ladden with continous learning and not a quick fix as some might make it seem. Organisations would often employ an Agile Coach for 3months to 1 year hoping that at the end of this period, the organisation would have completed their transformation journey. A great Agile Coach will always inform you that even after the engagement ends, the journey of Agile Transformation has not ended. Most of these coaching engagements are usually attempts to get the client to adopt new tools and practices but experience has shown that the best Agile Coach help the organisation on its journey to change it’s Agility Mindset.

Fixation on Practices and Tools.

Practices and Tools are usually introduced by some Agile coaches as part an the attempts to change behaviour but as mentioned previously, its a change of Mindset that is required in other to have a Long Lasting change . When an organisation has successfully adopted an Agile Mindset, the practices and tools wouldn’t matter as much as the organisation would be able to navigate the complex process of selecting appropriate Tools and Practices that are best suited to the organisation. An organisation that is well on their Agility Journey would constantly adopt and drop agile practices based on their experiences; within the context of what works for them.

Continuously leaning to an Agile Coach.

The role of the Agile Coach is to help the Organisation reflect on it self and fix it own issues and an experienced Agile Coach should ensure that he does NOT encourage the dependency on him. Our role is to facilitate the change and not stand in the way of the change. Continuously leaning in to the Coach, may seem helpful but it is detrimental to the long term goals of the Organisation.

Lack of Management buy-in.

A group of people i.e team cannot be said to be have successfully gone through an Agile Transformation program if the management is not bought into the Agility Journey. The best examples of a successful Agile Transformation program are ones with evidence of Agility visible through the entire enterprises and within all business lines.The Human Resources, Accounting, PMO, Sales and Marketing Department all have to be alligned in other for the organisation to be Agile.

Culture is Ignored.

A great coach understands that the culture plays a major part in Behaviour and Belief; and due to this reason we understand that culture is unique to every organisation. The culture of the organisation is influenced by the Structure of the organisation and ignoring the organisation structure is almost a sure recipe for failure.A great coach should take great time to understand the Organisation Structure of the organisation and ensure that transformation impacts all layers of the organistion; especially in circumstances where a restructure might be the best approach.

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