Passing the PSM 1 Assessment After a Professional Scrum Master Class

Passing the PSM 1 assessment could be considered an indicator that you understand the Scrum theory and the principles that underpin Scrum. I always tell students in my PSM class, that my intention is not to make them pass PSM 1 but understand Scrum theory and principles.

There are a number of exercises that Professional Scrum Trainers invite students to partake in the course of the PSM 1 class; these exercises have been designed on practical experiences of Professional Scrum Masters and these exercises create a solid foundation for you as you commence your Scrum Master career.

As a result, I expect every student that has attended a PSM class to pass their PSM assessment provided they have been fully present during the 2 days class and participated in every exercise in class.

Having trained almost 100 Students, I have some data to back up the information that I am sharing with you in this blog. After the PSM class, Students should attempt both the Scrum Open and Product Owner Open assessments; for each of these assessments students should aim to pass these open assessments with a score of 100% for 3 times consecutively. I advice students not to sit the PSM 1 until they are able to score 100% consecutively.

In addition, students must study the assessment notes for each question attempted regardless of whether they got the answers correct or not. These notes provide more context for the answers you might have selected.

Please note that the open assessments are not an exact copy of the questions that you will come across in the real assessment.

Lastly make sure to review the Scrum Guide and the student notes that was shared with you at the end of the PSM class.

I hope that you find these tips helpful in your PSM I assessment and feel free to come back to leave a comment after you have passed your assessment.

Thanks for reading.

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