More about me

An Agile Management Consultant with experience of supporting Individuals, Teams and Leadership with capabilities that allow for agility within the buiness. My goal on every engagement is to help the people and the organisation create ways of working that helps deliver value to their customer consistently and indefinitely. Some of the outcomes i have delivered include unlocking creativity at work, helping organisations to respond quicker and deliver value to customers.

I have over 20 years experience in Applications Development and Delivery (as a developer, Software Developer in Test, Test and Release Manager, Scrum Master and Enterprise Agile Coach) coupled continuous research on better Ways of Working and leading, Behavioural Economics, Psychologcal Safety and Goal setting framework such as OKRs. I have helped organisation organisation adopt Agile frameworks such as Scrum, SAFE, Kanban & Lean and I have remained largely agnostic. I am guided by an approach that has been applied across a varied number of industries.

My domain experience include Media & Broadcasting, E-Commerce, Government, Investment Banking & Finance, Insurance and Online Betting.

Many of the challenges that we face are complex adaptive problems, meaning that by trying to solve these problems, we change the nature of these problems.
Simon Powers