Workaround: Flash selenium test would not run in firefox 3.5 except when the browser mode is *firefoxProxy

I looked into flash selenium a few weeks back and i thought it was a great way for me to test certain part of the apps i have been ignoring for some time.However after knocking up a few test i discovered that my test would not run in my version of firefox (3.5). I got this error: INFO - Got result: ERROR: Threw an exception: NPMethod called on non-NPObject wrapped JSObject! on session 471c65508e46457fa43f4deb873d0592Then i read in some issue raised in the flash selenium site that flash selenium would only work in firefox 3.0 and it worked fine in IE for me.Today while i was investigating another issue, i decided to try running the flashSelenium test in the “*firefoxproxy” mode and my tests ran succcessfully.I am sure this workaround would be welcome by people facing this issue as well, please leave a comment if this is any help.Thanks

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