Start the Selenium Server dynamically

I have been working on a test suite in java using testng as the testing framework. I could not have suggested any other test frame work as it allows me to do a lot of configurable setups and teardowns. Yeah am not gonna promote testng anymore, lol.

I could have started using selenium server using a usual batch file that maven could call in one of its targets but i think doing it this way is cleaner.

public class SeleniumManager {
private SeleniumServer seleniumServer;

private static Selenium selenium;

private RemoteControlConfiguration rcc;

@Parameters( { “selenium.port” })
public void startSeleniumServer(String port) {

rcc = new RemoteControlConfiguration();

try {
seleniumServer = new SeleniumServer(false, rcc);
// seleniumServer= new SeleniumServer();

} catch (Exception e) {
throw new IllegalStateException(“Can’t start selenium server”, e);

@AfterSuite(alwaysRun = true)
public void stopSeleniumServer() {
if (seleniumServer != null) {

public static Selenium startSelenium(String host, String port, String browser, String url) {
selenium = new DefaultSelenium(host, Integer.parseInt(port), browser, url);
return selenium;

public static void stopSelenium(Selenium selenium) {

As you can see i have a seleniumManager class which would dynamically start the selenium server before my testSuite starts and kill the SeleniumServer after the test suite is completed.

Please try this out and leave comments

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