Selenium: Xpath locator can not be used as Option Locator

In my new job been doing a lot of selenium and i needed to scroll through the list of options in a select element and click on a particular options.

I have initially used the browser.DoubleClick


But then this didnt work because selenium doesn’t have the functionality to scroll down the select element in other to make my desired option visible.

Looking through the selenium api, i have used another method, which take in two parameters, the select locator and the option locator. So i used:

browser.Select(“xpath=//select”, “xpath =//option[child::text()=‘Option_Label’]“); that hasnt work either as the option locator type cannot be xpath.

It has to be a label, id, atrribute, name or any other html locator so i have done

browser.Select(“xpath=//select”, “label=Option_Label”); which in my own opinion i think is good as it is robust for a selenium test.

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