Selenium Remote cant start firefox session due to lock on file

>I am sure you have on this page, because you have run into problem with selenium not been able to run due to a lock on some profile files. Yes, you know what the error is. I really found useful two blogs here and here. However, inas much as i don not want to repeat what has been saidin the blogs i would paste and quote what i found useful and explain a little bit more.

Preparing Firefox profile…

The source of the problem is in the .rdf files inside the selenium server jar. The Selenium guys have hardcoded a version ceiling for Firefox at version 2.0.0. (in my case it was 3.5.*). The fix is really simple.

Step 1: Extract the files needing change (from the directory where you have the jar). -

jar xf selenium-server.jar customProfileDirCUSTFFCHROME/
jar xf selenium-server.jar customProfileDirCUSTFFCHROME/
jar xf selenium-server.jar customProfileDirCUSTFFCHROME/
jar xf selenium-server.jar customProfileDirCUSTFF/extensions/
jar xf selenium-server.jar customProfileDirCUSTFF/extensions/

<p><b>Step 2: Change the max version in the rdf (Resource Description Framework) files.</b></p> <p>The line of interest looks like this: <em>2.0.0.*</em></p> <p><i>* you can change this to 4.*, should buy some time.</i></p> <p><b>Step 3: Update the jar with your changes.</b></p> <pre class="twilight">jar uf selenium-server.jar customProfileDirCUSTFFCHROME/<br />      extensions/<br />jar uf selenium-server.jar customProfileDirCUSTFFCHROME/<br />      extensions/{538F0036-F358-4f84-A764-89FB437166B4}/install.rdf<br />jar uf selenium-server.jar customProfileDirCUSTFFCHROME/<br />     extensions/<span class="Constant">\{</span>503A0CD4-EDC8-489b-853B-19E0BAA8F0A4<span class="Constant">\}</span>/install.rdf<br />jar uf selenium-server.jar customProfileDirCUSTFF/<br />     extensions/readystate<span class="Constant">\@</span><br />jar uf selenium-server.jar customProfileDirCUSTFF/<br />     extensions/<span class="Constant">\{</span>538F0036-F358-4f84-A764-89FB437166B4<span class="Constant">\}</span>/install.rdf<br />

That’s it, once that’s changed you should be good to go for testing against Firefox 3!

So that was a summary of what i found, but my case was a bit different as the version of firefox that was hardcoded in the selenium-server 1.0.1 was 3.5.* and my version of firefox was 3.5.2, so naturally i expected firefox to work for me. But as it did not work, as a trail and error, i changed the hardcoded version to 4.5.*. and voila it worked for me.

Also i did not use the jar uf command, what i did was to temporarily change the extension of the selenium server jar file to a .zip file and then i opened the zipped file created with winzip.

I then extracted the 5files which i need to amended to my desktop, amended the file with a text utility and then drop the files back into the zippped selenium server file. Lastly i changed the extensions back to .jar.

And it worked. i hope this works for someone as well

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