Active Record find by Column Name

In recent days been doing a lot of ruby, which means i tend to use Active Record as well.

I had written some scripts where i was selecting records that matched a criteria such as:{|e| e.column_name == 1234} but as i need to sort my result and also give some more conditions to filter the data, i need alternatives to this above query and i ended up with the two lines of code below:

@table1.table2s.find(:all, :conditions => {:column_name => 1234})


Please note that the two lines above does same thing, the second one is just a lil but shorter and more readable the the 1st one. Using the second one i can now do stuff like

@table1.table2s.find_all_by_column_name(1234, :order => “col_2 ASC”)

which would order my results based on the column that i have specified and i could have ASC - ascending and DESC - descending. I have learnt something else today …. Have you?

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